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blin.coe is a multidisciplinary design studio based out of London. The studio’s research focuses primarily on the social implications of profound societal shifts, and the associated, necessary dispersal of knowledge. The methodology has evolved to provide meaningful feedback on the meta-questions facing our increasingly unruly existence, through investigation of speculative scenarios. Through extrapolation of these particular scenarios to their most extreme, we are granted the ability to appraise them from an alternative point of view, in turn advancing the contemporary discourse.

The studio is led by Harry Postins, a designer based out of Paris. He graduated the undergraduate architecture course at University of Bath in 2016, before extending his placement at a well-respected London practice for a number of years, and enrolling at the Royal College of Art on MA Architecture. Now interested in pursuing channels which marry more harmoniously with a social agenda, Harry is looking to integrate with a new era of architectural designer, one that engages with the core social issues of the age. Focused on spanning the culture between Paris and London, he is seeking out pathways navigating both the public and private sectors, and intent on nurturing a previously dormant passion for writing. His thesis project tackles the topical phenomenon of modern day surveillance, and its prevalence through this era of crisis, infiltrating habitual behaviours as a way of engaging a wider public in a more nuanced way.

contact: harry@blincoe.studio

instagram: @blin.coe

twitter: @blin.coe