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Between 2020 and 2021, I worked with a photographer on a series of books on the subject of discovery and adventure. Based around two epic tours of the UK, the books were designed to collate and consolidate years of work and study, before the artist continues on with the next era of his career. I was brought into the fold to both do the graphic design and edit the copy, working closely with the artist to ensure we created something appropriate for his vision for the series.

Conceived as a memento to the past twenty-six years, the book manifests a number of the artist’s passions, pursuits and ponderings. The first in a short series, BOREAS is a slender foray into the life of a cross-disciplinary athlete, photographer and writer. Much like its author, the book is never short of enthusiasm, whisking you through a four day adventure, from the artist’s home in the North, to the Northeasternmost point of the UK.